There was a princess

There was a princess

Whew, this one took a while to complete! After many hours of on-and-off doodling, drawing, painting, and endless fiddling (plus one very busy week later) this is the result that I’m happy with.

I bought a set of new watercolours recently, and thought it would be a great idea to explore the palette and get used to painting again with a portrait of my current avatar. I enjoyed the process from beginning to end, even the bits when I was fixing gruesome mistakes!

For my next post I have an outfit in mind; I just have to find a good location to take the photo. See you next time! /aha

Paper: Paperchase bound sketchpad

Pencil: 0.5mm standard mechanical pencil

Paint: Winsor & Newton COTMAN Watercolours

Miscellaneous: Daler-Rowney System 3 Titanium White (acrylic paint), SAKURA Gelly Roll 08 (white gel pen)


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