Who hated paperwork

Who hated paperwork

I really envy people who can make their set-ups and locations just… work! Trying out so many locations and poses really made me respect the skill put into Second Life photography.

Totally enjoying exploring the virtual world so far. I don’t get to spend much time on SL, but my sim-hopping yielded friendly residents and beautiful destinations. Also lots of freebies for newbies /cat face This outfit was all free!

A portrait sketch is coming up. Until next time! /aha

Head: SOMEMORE SaeBom Mesh Head – 03 || gacha

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara 3.5 || Inworld Store

Eyes: !The Cat’s Mew ~ Love Struck! || Marketplace

Hair: little bones. Scope || Inworld Store || Marketplace

Accessories: **RE** Orbit Set || Inworld Store || Marketplace **RE** LUX Celeste || Inworld Store || Marketplace

Clothes: :SMC: Romper-BLK  || Inworld Store || Marketplace

Shoes: :KR: The Velvet Vamp – Black || Inworld Store || Marketplace

Location: Paris Je T’aime


How do you art?

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