Who hated paperwork

Who hated paperwork

I really envy people¬†who can make their set-ups and locations just…¬†work!¬†Trying out so many locations and poses really made me respect the skill¬†put into Second Life photography.

Totally¬†enjoying exploring the virtual world so far. I don’t get to spend much time on SL, but my sim-hopping¬†yielded friendly residents and beautiful destinations. Also lots of freebies for newbies¬†/cat face¬†This outfit was all free!

A portrait sketch is coming up. Until next time! /aha

Head: SOMEMORE SaeBom Mesh Head – 03 || gacha

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara 3.5 || Inworld Store

Eyes: !The Cat’s Mew ~ Love Struck! || Marketplace

Hair: little bones. Scope || Inworld Store || Marketplace

Accessories: **RE** Orbit Set || Inworld Store || Marketplace **RE** LUX Celeste || Inworld Store || Marketplace

Clothes: :SMC: Romper-BLK  || Inworld Store || Marketplace

Shoes: :KR: The Velvet Vamp РBlack || Inworld Store || Marketplace

Location: Paris Je T’aime


How do you art?

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